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About Rootless

Quality: We know the importance of counting on reliable equipment when you are in the great outdoors. And Rootless was built around the thrive to provide top-quality. Quality expressed in our products, our services, our support and our relationships. Delivering quality is part of our essence.

Integrity: At Rootless we love what we do, and we love knowing that what we do helps our customers to enjoy their passions. That is why we aim to be as reliable, transparent and trustworthy as possible, after all, those are inherent qualities of authentic outdoor adventurers, right?

Balance: "Life was meant to be loved", and nature is the best place to connect with ourselves and just be present. We believe in work-life balance, and our purpose is to make the most of the second part of that equation, our purpose is to enable you embrace adventure.

Our brand is focused on providing high-quality, portable equipment made to make the most of your outdoor adventures, and to enhance your outdoor experiences.

At Rootless we specialize in providing top-quality outdoor equipment and tools. Innovative, durable and portable products, made to provide our customers with the reliability and efficiency that will enable them to make the most of their outdoor experiences, to live a life without roots.

Rootless Outdoors was created by a group of friends around a campfire in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Similar to other campers, our best memories of camping were created around the campfire at the end of the day, sharing stories, star gazing, and roasting marshmallows. We decided that providing adventurers with the best hiking, camping and survival gear would be the best way to honor the activity that bound us all together. Now, Rootless is dedicated to providing its customers with top-quality innovative outdoor equipment. From fire pits to sling day-packs, we offer a variety of survival equipment to fill all of your camping needs. For us, Rootless is much more than an outdoor brand, for us, Rootless is the celebration of freedom

Our purpose is to support the outdoor adventurers, enabling them to embrace the freedom of a rootless life and make the most of their experiences. That is why we thrive to provide out customer with nothing but the best quality and most innovative outdoor equipment and tools, products made to provide freedom, reliabiiltly and built to last.

Based in the USA: Rootless Outdoors is proudly based in the USA. We pride ourselves on providing the best products with the best buying experience. All products come with an 18-month, hassle-free warranty. If any issue arises with your product, or you are not 100% satisfied with your new Rootless purchase, please contact us, and we will make it right.